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Virtue battery’s 12v series lithium-ion battery pack mainly includes 12.8v 100ah, 12.8v 120ah, 12.8v 200ah, and 12.8v 240ah, made of high-quality LiFePO4 battery cells, with long cycle and high-security performance.

Cycling range of 4,000-7,000, which is 8-14 times that of lead-acid batteries. Has compact and lightweight features, with the same capacity is about 70% lighter than the traditional lead-acid batteries. The operating temperature range is much more feasible than the lead-acid one and able to replace that, withstand temperatures from -20℃ to 60℃,

Our 12V lithium iron phosphate batteries are designed for portable devices to larger batteries suitable for use in vehicles or backup power systems. If you need larger power storage, you can achieve it by connecting 12V lithium battery packs in series or parallel. or customize 12v drop-in replacement type batteries for your special needs.

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12V Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Products

We’ve been developing and manufacturing lithium-ion battery packs for 15 years, our LiFePO4 series batteries that offer BMS-controlled safety, 6000-cycle long life, and lightweight, and fast charging features. Please contact our team to get more information.


12.8V 100AH


12.8V 120AH


12.8V 200AH


12.8V 240AH

Which kinds of inverters can be connected by Virtue battery 12-drop-in replacement lithium battery?

String Inverter: A string inverter is a traditional type of inverter used in solar power systems. It is connected to a string of solar panels and converts the DC power generated by the panels into AC power. To connect a 12-drop-in replacement lithium battery to a string inverter, you would typically use the inverter’s integrated battery input or connect it through a separate battery inverter charger.
Hybrid Inverter: A hybrid inverter is capable of both grid-tied and off-grid operations. It can work with a solar power system as well as a battery storage system. Hybrid inverters often have a built-in battery charger, allowing direct connection to a 12-drop-in replacement lithium battery.
Microinverter: Microinverters are installed on individual solar panels and convert DC power to AC power at the panel level. They provide greater efficiency and flexibility in system design. When connecting a 12-drop-in replacement lithium battery to a microinverter system, you would typically use a separate battery inverter charger that is compatible with the microinverter system.
Power Inverter: Power inverters are commonly used in off-grid systems, such as RVs or boats, to convert DC power from the battery to AC power for various appliances. To connect a 12-drop-in replacement lithium battery to a power inverter, you would typically connect the battery directly to the input terminals of the inverter.

12V lithium battery pack application

Power transfer by 1200W/2400W pure sine wave inverter for reference.

It is crucial to consult the manufacturer’s specifications, manuals, and guidelines for both the 12-drop-in replacement lithium battery and the specific inverter model to ensure proper connection and compatibility. Additionally, professional assistance from a qualified electrician or solar installer is recommended to ensure safe and optimal performance of the system.

drop in replacement lithium battery Applications.

The Application of Drop In Replacement For Lead Acid application

Why buy 12V lithium battery from Virtue Battery

Our 12v lifepo4 battery support bluetooth function, you can also download an app to view the battery’s operating status, check BMS parameters, modify BMS parameters and upgrade communication protocol. Even when you’re away, you can view the drop in replacement type battery status and modify BMS parameters to ensure safe operation of the battery.

Lithium Cell Efficiency

Server lifepo4 solar battery are used brand CATL/EVE/ANC new grade A+ LiFePO4 cells, can work in the temperature rang of -20℃-60℃, have 6,000-9,000 cycle times, provide safe, reliable, stable and long-lasting service life for energy storage systems, data centres, backup power systems, and other applications.

Strict Quality Control

Virtue drop in replacement type battery are used brand CATL/GOTION/EVEANC/REPT lifepo4 cells and technology, offer stable power supply and superior performance. Our 12v lifepo4 battery will enforce strict quality control and inspection at every stage of the production process and have through puncture, high temperature discharge, free fall and other tests.

Premium Material

Build-in smart BMS that perfectly matched with the lithium battery packs, have over temperature charge/discharge, over current, short-circuit, over temp, and balance protections to ensure the safety and longevity of the battery rack system.

OEM & ODM Service

Virtue providing 12v lifepo4 battery without a minimum order quantity. And dedicated to delivering customized solutions that meet your project. We also can custom 12v lithium battery according your requirement such as battery capacity, logo, appearance, function, packing, etc.

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About 12v drop in replacement type battery’s FAQs

You can choose the product based on your device, required power, and expected usage time. If you are unsure how to choose, please provide us with your usage scenario, budget, and any other requirements, and we will provide the best lithium battery solution for you.

12v lifepo4 batteries are lighter, more compact, have longer lifetimes, shorter charging times, and higher energy densities with lower self-discharge rates compared to lead-acid batteries.

Ours 12v drop in replacement type battery have 5 years warranty with 10 years extension. warranty. And we have after-sales service. If you encounter any problems while using Virtue 12v lithium battery, please feel free to contact us and we will provide professional assistance within 6 hours.

If LiFePO4 battery pack failure, read the product description carefully and try to resolve the problem. If the problem remains unresolved, please contact us, we will provide more specific solutions and support in 6 hours.

Yes, 12v drop in replacement type battery can charge by DC and solar panels.

Yes, but we recommend that you choose our 48v lithium battery for maximum efficiency and power output.

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