High Voltage 96V LiFePO4 Battery 30KWH 96V 304AH LiFePO4 Battery Replacement

Virtue 96V LiFePO4 battery is a high voltage LiFePO4 battery that replaces lead acid battery in applications such as photovoltaic systems and energy storage systems. It consists of two 48V 304Ah LiFePO4 battery modules and a high-voltage control box. Comparing to lead acid batteries, 96V LiFePO4 battery can provide a cycle life of 6000+ and 100% usage capacity. We have multiple successful cases of replacing lead acid batteries with LiFePO4 batteries. If your system uses a 96V lead acid battery, we can customize a 102.4V high voltage LiFePO4 battery to perfectly replace your lead acid battery.

  • Voltage: 96V
  • Capacity: 304Ah
  • Cycle life: 6,000 Times
  • Warranty: 10 Years.
  • Battery Cell: 3.2V 304Ah LiFePO4 Cell.
  • Application: Solar system, Energy Storage

The Virtue 96V LiFePO4 battery system is designed specifically for photovoltaic, commercial and industrial energy storage applications. As a high voltage LiFePO4 battery manufacturer with multiple successful lead acid replacement cases, we provide high voltage lithium batteries ranging from 96V to 1000V and 5kWh to 1000kWh, widely used for UPS, home energy storage, industrial energy storage, commercial energy storage systems, etc.

Product Specification

96V LiFePO4 battery control module
96V LiFePO4 battery appearance design
96V LiFePO4 battery modular
96V LiFePO4 battery 3
96V LiFePO4 battery 1
96V LiFePO4 battery 2

96V LiFePO4 Battery Product Advantages

Long service life (Capable of charging and deep discharging for over 6000 times which is 10 times that of lead-acid batteries)
Higher conversion efficiency (Charging and discharging efficiency up to 99% with minimal energy conversion loss)
Full protection (Built in intelligent battery management system providing comprehensive protection) 
Easy installation (Standardized design of battery modules for easy installation)
Flexible expansion (Supports serial connection of 20 identical modules for future expansion)
Data visualization (Battery data can be viewed through a touchable LCD screen) 
Perfect compatibility (Can be used in conjunction with mainstream brand inverters on the market) 
Remote upgrading (Easy maintenance with remote intelligent upgrade)

96V battery application

300+ Patents & Certificates

Strictly comply with international applicable safety standards: IEC62619, ROHS, CE-EMC, MSDS, UN38.3

Material Safety Date Sheet
Dangerous Goods
China Quality CQC

Core Technology Of 96V High Voltage Lithium Battery

96V battery function introduction

EVE 3.2V 304AH LiFePO4 Cells

Virtue 96V LiFePO4 battery is composed of EVE A-grade 3.2v 304ah LiFePO4 battery cells with a cycle life of over 6000 cycles. As a result, battery replacement costs are reduced, and it helps you to earn more profit.

Intelligent BMS for high voltage battery

The built-in intelligent 200A BMS monitors the battery status in real-time and collects data. The battery management system provides multiple protection functions to ensure the safe operation of the 96V battery.

Good performance and heat dissipation

The 96V high voltage battery module is welded by a laser welding machine with good consistency. The arrangement and spacing of the internal LiFePO4 battery cells are reasonable with uniform heat dissipation.

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As a reliable Chinese manufacturer of high voltage lithium battery, we are committed to providing you with efficient high voltage LiFePO4 batteries with a voltage range of 96V to 1000V at the most competitive price. We customize solutions of replacing lead acid batteries with LiFePO4 batteries on different voltages and capacities based on your specific needs.

FAQ about the 96V High Voltage Lithium Iron Battery Pack

When replacing LiFePO4 batteries, it is required to match the voltage of the original lead acid batteries. Please provide us with information about the lead acid battery used in your system and make requests. We will provide you with a perfect Lead Acid Replacement solution.

The Virtue 96V high voltage LiFePO4 battery is matched with the 96V inverter.

96V 304Ah battery can load 19.2KW of equipment.

Our high voltage solar battery enjoy a 10-year warranty.

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