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Virture’s Powerwall battery is an integrated battery system and also is a home energy storage device for power backup protection when girding fails. Its operation is not affected by the pressure of the urban power supply and can store renewable electricity resources from solar energy, Virtue’s lithium battery provides you with a reliable and ideal solution to save your electricity budget. For household application needs, you could choose to install a single battery or connect them to achieve greater storage capacity.

Furthermore, Viture’s solar wall battery uses lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4 or LFP) technology, which with the advantage of no maintenance, is lightweight, long cycle life that can reach 6,000 – 9,000 times, has a high discharge, and high charging efficiency. A BMS system that makes sure “high safety” during residential and commercial solar battery storage system use.

Contact us to further discuss your specific application needs so we can make more suitable and higher-efficiency home storage solutions for you in a short time.

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Powerwall Lithium Battery Products

All of our solar storage battery packs can meet and even exceed the IEC62619, ROHS, CE-EMC, and MSDS standards. Extensive stock colors can be offered and OEM branded logo is also available, 1-2 weeks fast turnaround time. Virtue’s Powerwall Batteries have compact, extremely safe, factory price, and easy installation characteristics. Contact our team to get free consultations now.

5Kwh Lithium home backup power
OEM & ODM are available, custom logo. 
Dimensions: L133*W482*H600

10Kwh solar lithium ion battery
OEM & ODM are available, custom logo. 

Compatible Inverter Brands of Virtue Home Battery Backup

All of Virtue’s energy storage batteries can be perfectly matched with mainstream inverters around the world, making a seamless and hassle-free addition to any residential solar system. And If the inverter you are using is not a mainstream product, you can provide us with the communication protocol so our experienced engineers can customize the server rack battery for your special needs. Vrture is your trustworthy lithium battery products manufacturer and partner in China.

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Compatible Inverter Brands

The Powerwall Lithium Battery Application.

solar powerwall battery application

Why buy powerwall solar lithium battery from Virtue Battery

We are committed to providing the most reliable and the higher performance Powerwall batteries on the market, ensuring your maximum satisfaction and environmental sustainability. Whether you’re looking for a save space or whole house battery backup solution, our lithium battery backup for home can capable of meeting a wide range of needs in various industries. 

Lithium Cell Efficiency

Server lifepo4 solar battery are used brand CATL/EVE/ANC new grade A+ LiFePO4 cells, can work in the temperature rang of -20℃-60℃, have 6,000-9,000 cycle times, provide safe, reliable, stable and long-lasting service life for energy storage systems, data centres, backup power systems, and other applications.

Strict Quality Control

Strict product quality management system, use of fully enclosed dust-free workshop, advanced equipment, each process layer on layer control from raw material to finished products, improve battery reliability and safety performance testing, to ensure the high quality of rack battery.

Premium Material

Build-in smart BMS that perfectly matched with the lithium battery packs, have over temperature charge/discharge, over current, short-circuit, over temp, and balance protections to ensure the safety and longevity of the battery rack system.

OEM & ODM Service

Support OEM like parameters, appearance, packing, and our engineers will conduct a series of tests and data analysis based on the customized battery data you need, to ensure that rack mount lithium battery operates in the best condition and continues to bring you benefits in the coming years.

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As an original factory in solar battery storage system solutions designing and manufacturing, we’re committed to providing you the high-quality and affordable Powerwall batteries and OEM ODM customized service for all lithium battery pack products.

FAQ About the Home Solar Battery Systems.

Different countries and regions have different output voltage and current, we can customize the output voltage and current for you.

Please click “Get a quote” above or “Contact us“, We will offer you with factory price in 6 hours after we get solar wall mounted battery specifications from you, such as capacity, application and etc.

Sure, Our wall mounted lithium battery can store solar energy converted into electricity, is a good choose for commercial and household energy storage.

We have freight forwarding company to help deliver it to your location. Alternatively, you can specify your own freight forwarder.

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