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As a professional LifePo4 battery pack manufacturer in this field for 15 years, we are able to provide you with the 2.5Kwh, 5Kwh, 10Kwh, 15Kwh, and 20Kwh diverse capacities rack servers for your specific requirements. OEM & ODM custom service support.

LiFePo4 Server Rack battery Factory

Virtue’s rack-mounted batteries are using the new grade A LiFePO4 cell, built-in BMS, you can customize Bluetooth or 4G module functions according to your special needs. Virtue’s server rack LifePO4 batteries are designed to be compact and perfectly installed within a standard rack enclosure. Achieve maximum storage capacity to your requirements in the limited space by connecting in parallel or series form. With the characteristics of a lower budget but higher efficiency & safety, easy to install, and free maintenance.

Virtue’s rack-mount solar battery provides flexible scalability and high efficiency to households and commercial buildings in different application scenarios for reliable energy storage solutions. Our existing Rack lithium battery models including 5kWh, 10kWh, 15kWh, and 20kWh, are already certified by the international applicable regulations.

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Lifepo4 Rack Battery Products

Virture’s lithium battery products are made from eco-friendly LFP chemistry and combined with a BMS system and proprietary architecture to make sure excellent performance and high efficiency. Our battery storage solution safeguards energy security for residential and commercial applications and provides reliable backup power and daily cost savings.

2.56Kwh Lithium home backup power
 OEM & ODM are available, custom logo
Dimensions: L420* W440 * H133


4.8Kwh Lithium home backup power
 OEM & ODM are available, custom logo

Compatible inverter brands of Virtue Rack Mounted Lithium Battery

All of Virtue’s energy storage batteries can be perfectly matched with mainstream inverters around the world, making a seamless and hassle-free addition to any residential solar system. And If the inverter you are using is not a mainstream product, you can provide us with the communication protocol so our experienced engineers can customize the server rack battery for your special needs. Vrture is your trustworthy lithium battery products manufacturer and partner in China.

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Compatible Inverter Brands

The Server Rack LiFePO4 Battery Application.

Rack Lithium Ion Battery application

Why buy rack battery from Virtue Battery

Virtue battery have already worked with over 30 companies in countries including Europe, Africa, and America. Our rack lifepo4 batteries have been installed in various applications such as residential, shops, and companies energy storage. We have received high praise thanks for ours rack battery quality and service. These successful case studies have enabled us to quickly understand customers’ actual needs and concerns, and accordingly supply effective rack battery solutions for you.

Lithium Cell Efficiency

Server rack lithium battery are used brand CATL/EVE/ANC new grade A+ LiFePO4 cells, can work in the temperature rang of -20℃-60℃, have 6,000-9,000 cycle times, provide safe, reliable, stable and long-lasting service life for energy storage systems, data centres, backup power systems, and other applications.

Strict Quality Control

Strict product quality management system, use of fully enclosed dust-free workshop, advanced equipment, each process layer on layer control from raw material to finished products, improve battery reliability and safety performance testing, to ensure the hight quality of rack battery.

Premium Material

Build-in smart BMS that perfectly matched with the lithium battery packs, have over temperature charge/discharge, over current, short-circuit, over temp, and balance protections to ensure the safety and longevity of the battery rack system.

OEM & ODM Service

Support OEM like parameters, appearance, packing, and our engineers will conduct a series of tests and data analysis based on the customized battery data you need, to ensure that rack mount lithium battery operates in the best condition and continues to bring you benefits in the coming years.


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Working with VITURE. You rest assured to have our 24/7 online support and regular free technical training, long quality warranty, most competitive price guarantee, and personalized OEM service. Choose a reliable and professional solar battery storage solutions supplier to grow our profits together.

FAQ About the 48v lifepo4 Server Rack Battery

Choosing the right lifepo4 server rack battery requires consideration of factors such as daily energy consumption and inverter compatibility. Before purchasing, don’t forget to communicate with us to obtain the most suitable solution.

Please click “Get a quote” above or “Contact us“, We will offer you with factory price in 6 hours after we get rack battery specifications from you, such as capacity, application and etc.

Our server rack batteries can be used in conjunction with your existing batteries, and we also provide technical support to help you integrate the rack batteries into your system as needed.

We currently available 24v/48v/51.2v server rack lifepo4 battery. If you need higher voltage rack mount lifepo4 battery, feel free contact with us. We can assist you in consulting with our professional engineers or rack lifepo4 battery manufacturer to customize the battery solution that meets your desired voltage.

Our lithium server rack battery has configured RS485/RS232/CAN communication port, you can through the Inverter APP and PC to realize remote intelligent monitoring, access the rack mount solar battery information like charging/discharging status, remaining capacity.

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