LiFePO4 Battery Lead Acid Replacement Case 24V 100Ah Lithium Battery

Virtue 24v 100ah lithium battery is an ideal solution to drop-in lead-acid replacement in RVs, floor machines, renewable energy systems and more applications. It’s composed of CATL LiFePO4 cells and 100A battery management system that ensure battery running optimally within a safe range. Our 24 volt 100ah lithium battery is maintenance-free, can deep cycle more than 4000 times to 80% DOD. Moreover, it could be extended to 51.2v 100ah or 25.6v 400ah to meet your energy needs.

  • Voltage: 25.6V
  • Capacity: 100Ah
  • Cycle life: 4,000 Times
  • Warranty: 5 years Extended 10 Years.
  • Battery Cell: 3.2V 100Ah LifePO4 Cell.
  • Application: RV, ideal Bundle for inverter trolley, residential solar system, floor machines and UPS etc;

Product Specification

24V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery 2
24V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery 1
24V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery 3

Product Advantages

High cycle life

24v 100ah lithium battery is able to charge and discharge 4,000+ times, which is 8 times more than SLA battery. And our drop in replacement lithium battery with 10 years design life of power, can reduce your overall investment and provide benefits.

Strong security

It’s manufactured with LEF cells which without toxic substances and doesn’t release harmful gases during operation. With IP 65 enclosure and built-in BMS which provide multiple protections like high currents, short circuits, balancing functions, etc.

Superior performance

24v 100ah battery with up to 99% round-trip efficiency, which is 40% higher than lead-acid battery. It support 1C discharge and working in a wide temperature rang of -20℃ - 60℃ that widely than lead-acid battery.

More usable capacity

24v 100ah lithium battery has 100% usable capacity which 30% more than lead-acid battery. It’s nominal specification is 25.5v 100ah, support a max 2S4P connection to obtain a large capacity of 20.48kWh.

24V 100Ah lithium battery application

300+ Patents & Certificates

Strictly comply with international applicable safety standards: IEC62619, ROHS, CE-EMC, MSDS, UN38.3

Material Safety Date Sheet
Dangerous Goods
China Quality CQC

Core Technology Of 25.6V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery

24V100AH lithium Ion battery Assembly Diagram

4000+ Life Cycles Grade A LiFePO4 Cells

Composed of CATL / BYD / EVE / GOTION A-grade LiFePO4 cells, provides excellent service life. High consistency LiFePO4 cells in 8S for 25.6V lithium battery.

Built-in Smart Battery Management System

The High-end BMS control system with various protection funtions to keep your system operation and grid response operating safely and optimally.

Structural design with both heat dissipation and performance

The battery cell of 25.6V LiFePO4 battery pack has reasonable arrangement and interval, rapid air cooling and heat dissipation inside the battery pack, excellent electrochemical performance, shockproof and smaller size.

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FAQ About The 24v 100ah LiFePO4 battery

24v LiFePO4 batteries offer a longer service life, higher energy density, lighter weight, high discharge rate and shorter charging time than lead-acid batteries.

Yes! As lithium iron phosphate battery pack manufacturer with 15 years R&D and OEM experience, we’re able to manufacture lithium battery according to your specific application needs.

Ours 24v lithium battery support 5 years warranty and extended 10 years warranty. And we have after-sales service. If you encounter any problems while using Virtue 24v LiFePO4 drop in replacement battery, please feel free to contact us and we will provide professional assistance within 6 hours.

It depends on your order quantity and our inventory. Please do not hesitate to “Contact us” for detailed time.

Yes, Virtue 24v drop in replacement lithium battery can charge by DC and solar panels.

Yes, but we recommend that you choose our 48v lithium battery for maximum efficiency and power output.

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