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Virtue UPS 6-10kVA is a backup power solution specially designed for small application scenarios. Adopting a double-conversion online architecture, Virtue 6kVA UPS and 10kVA UPS can effectively isolate the interference of various power grids on the load, and output stable and reliable power to ensure your business continuity. The height of this uninterruptible power supply is designed to be 2U, which facilitates flexible installation and effectively reduces the space occupied. Efficiency can reach up to 96%, saving operation costs without affecting performance.

The Best Rack Mount UPS Products

Virtue 6-10kVA is online double-conversion uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with a larger load capacity than 1-3kVA UPS. our 6kVA UPS and 10kVA UPS with compact design and high power density, can be used with Virtue LiFePO4 batteries to extend operating time.

6kVA/5400W UPS

  6kVA Double Conversion Online UPS

  OEM & ODM are available

  Rack Dimensions: 438×88(2U)X500mm

  Weight: 10.8kg

  Matching Battery:
192V 50AH/100AH/150AH/200AH

10kVA/9000W UPS

  10kVA Double Conversion Online UPS

  OEM & ODM are available

  Rack Dimensions: 438×88(2U)X500mm

  Weight: 12.6kg

  Matching Battery:
192V 50AH/100AH/150AH/200AH

What you can get from Virtue UPS

Abundant lithium UPS cases

With mature lithium UPS solutions, we can provide the perfect and most cost-effective UPS solution based on your pain points and needs. It can save you a lot of detours when choosing the best uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for your systems.

Increase project profit

We are committed to providing customers with high-quality UPS and cost-competitive solutions. Our UPS with high reliability and efficiency, which can ensure the continuous operation of your system and avoid business interruption even in emergencies.


We are an ODM & OEM Ups Manufacturer with more than 15 years experience, can manufacture different UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) to satisfy your any applications. Furthermore, we guarantee on-time delivery thanks for our production cycle is short

Application of 6-10kVA rack mount ups power

Our online double conversion UPS is commonly used in any scenario from small businesses to large enterprises in data centers, IT, medical, transportation and other industries. Among them, our 6-10kVA UPS are usually used in small data centers, B-ultrasound machine, color doppler ultrasound machine and so on. If you need other power UPS, please contact us.

1-3kva UPS application 2
1-3kva UPS application 4
UPS application 6
1-3kva UPS application 3

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To prevent your server from downtime and ensure the continuity of your business, we provide comprehensive and reliable UPS products to protect the load from power outages, surges, electromagnetic interference, etc. We can also customize backup power solutions according to your needs to help you gain greater economic benefits. Contact us to get free ups power backup price.

6-10kVA rack mount ups's FAQs

Here, you can get the answers you need by browsing the FAQs related to 6kVA single phase UPS and 10kVA single phase UPS. If you have any other questions, please feel free to consult us.

Based on our mature lithium UPS cases, you can choose 6kVA UPS and 10kVA UPS, which  are ideal solution for small-scale data centers. As a leading uninterrupted power supply suppliers in China, our UPS systems rang from 1kVA to 600kVA. And we support custome higher kva uninterruptible power supply for your any data center. If you have any detailed questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

It depends on the capacity of the UPS battery. Our 10kVA UPS can be used with 192v LiFePO4 batteries with capacities from 50AH to 200AH. You can choose high-capacity battery to extend ups backup time.

Generally, Virtue low-power series UPS are not equipped with bypass switch. If you need, we can install a bypass switch for your 6kVA UPS.

Of course, our online double conversion UPS have communication functions. You can monitor the battery’s output voltage, battery capacity, operation mode and other information in real time through the LCD display.

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