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Virtue Energy has been OEM lithium battery for 15 years, completing over 100 lithium iron phosphate battery projects successfully. We can offer cost-effective price and a comprehensive service system feo you.

Lithium battery production

We were established in 2009, specializing in manufacturing and selling lithium battery pack. Our products including 12v drop in replacement type battery, 24v lithium battery pack, rack lithium battery, Powerwall lithium battery, and Portable power station, mainly using in home, commercial and industrial energy storage system, etc.

We have collaborated with LiFePO4 battery wholesalers and dealers from over 20 countries and regions, so we familiar with the safety and customs requirements of each country for solar lithium batteries.

We have own lithium battery factory and a team of experienced engineers, supporting customized lithium battery pack products. We take care of the entire process from material sourcing to battery packing, so we are able to offer you competitive prices to get higher profit margins. Furthermore, we promise your goods can be delivered on time, because our factory have five production lines.

Beside, we have several long-term cooperating shipping agencies, so you don’t have to worry about shipment and whether the shipping cost will be too high. Of course, if you have your own cooperating shipping company in China, we can also deliver the goods to their location.

We are committed to providing affordable, high quality, reliable LiFePo4 solar battery for your items, and provide 24 hours professional technical support. If you want to learn more about our lithium battery or request a free quote, please contact us now!

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